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Tonsil Cancer This Sucks
Stage III/IV Tonsil Cancer? We'd never heard of such a thing. I'd need radiation, chemo therapy (Cisplatin + Erbitux) and surgery. We took a crash course in Head and Neck Cancer treatment and support.

UPDATE: June 4, 2010
Another round of check ups and I still (knock on wood) seem to be OK. That said, the after effects of radiation are starting to build. Neck and jaw discomfort is increasing, but it's still nothing to complain about. Also, I'd been having a little trouble swallowing so I had a barium swallow test. All appeared normal, but I've got scar tissue building in my esophagus. It's no big deal yet.


An Overwhelming Urgency To Live
I was watching TV and a cancer survivor said she had "An urgency to live". I was so struck by this. Finally someone has expressed exactly what I've been feeling.

Since the end of my treatment I can't wait to wake-up in the morning. I seem to always have something I'm planning or prepping for. I think it drives Joyce crazy.

I realized I'm trying to cram as much life as possible in-between my 6 month scans. I really am trying to live like there's no tomorrow.

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